The parents of a British Muslim convert dubbed "Jihadi Jack" are to stand trial on charges of funding terrorism after allegedly sending their son money.

John Letts and Sally Lane, from Oxford, are alleged to have sent cash to 20-year-old Jack Letts, who was suspected of joining the Islamic State (Isis) in 2014.

The couple, of Chilswell Road, are accused of sending their son a total of £1,723 ($2,139) in three payments over a period of months.

Lane, 54, is also charged with two counts of attempting to send payments of £500 on 4 January. The pair did not enter pleas during an appearance at the Old Bailey on Thursday (17 November).

Letts, 55, and Lane are expected to go to trial in London on 9 January. It is expected to last for up to four weeks.

Letts, who told his parents he was going to study Arabic in Kuwait, was believed to be the first white British Muslim covert to travel to territory held by Isis and is understood to have changed his name to Abu Mohammed.

Letts denied allegations that he was an Isis fighter in an interview with Channel 4 News, but said he "opposes a non-Islamic system" and has no plans to return to the UK. It is understood that Letts, who left the UK when he was just 18, has married an Iraqi woman who has given birth to his son.