French President Francois Hollande has described the Paris terror attacks as a "tragedy" which was committed by "savages". At least 120 people were killed in a number of attacks across Paris on 14 November.

Hollande said, "We wanted to be there among those who saw these awful things to say that we are going to fight, and that this fight will be merciless. Because when terrorists are capable of such atrocities they should know that they'll be faced with a France that's determined, a France that's united, a France which stands together, a France which will not be intimidated, even if today we're infinitely moved by this tragedy".

A number of restaurants were targeted by gunman, as well as music venue the Batclan where nearly 100 people were killed during a concert. There were also two explosions near to the Stade de France, where France's football team were playing Germany.

President Hollande has visited one of the sites affected by the attacks. "I wanted to be here to measure the scale of this tragedy, this abomination committed in a number of places across the capital by savages who had a desire to kill, to kill the largest number of people possible," he added.

It is not yet clear who is responsible for these attacks.