Chanel's fashion shows are known for their flamboyance, and at Paris Fashion Week it was no different. Designer Karl Lagerfeld chose a casino theme for his Autumn-Winter 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week on 7 July.

The casino had some prestigious gamblers in attendance: C, Julianne Moore, Vanessa Paradis and Rita Ora were all at the roulette wheels, accompanied by dealers in impeccable suits.

And for the first time, 3D printers were used by Chanel, building the structures of the jackets displayed on the catwalk. Lagerfeld then added material and embroidery to finish the jacket.

Lagerfeld said the industry needs to adapt to modern technology:

"You know fashion is not needed, there are other problems in the world which may be more important, so this is not a problem but it's an industry and you know, fashion has to go with time, if fashion doesn't go with time, fashion would be lost," he said.

Lagerfeld also added that each guest pretending to gamble during the show had all been designed a dress for the occasion, saying that he missed the days when people used to dress up to go to the casino.

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