Three journalists from Al Jazeera have reportedly been arrested for flying a drone in Bois de Boulogne woods near Paris, according to the Paris prosecutors' office.

The three foreigners - aged 70, 54 and 36 - were arrested after police spotted a drone flying overhead. A "judicial source" told the AFP news agency: "The first was piloting the drone, the second was filming and the third was watching."

If found guilty of flying a drone without a license the three - whose names and nationalities have not yet been released - could face a maximum one year in prison and fines of up to €75,000 (£55,000).

Flying drones at night is prohibited in France and anything flying below 6,000m over the capital - including police helicopters and air ambulances - require a special license.

There have been numerous sighting over the French capital in recent nights, leading to speculation in a city traumatised by the Charlie Hebdo attacks, that they could have a sinister explanation.

Paris prosecutors' spokeswoman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre called for an investigation after a drone was seen above familiar Parisian landmarks. However, government spokesman Stephane Le Foll said the drones were "nothing to worry about. Drones have been spotted and investigations launched. We are mobilised on a matter which is and should be taken seriously."

Under French law the three men can be held for up to 24 hours without charge. However prosecutors said there was "no relationship for the moment" with the recent sightings.

According to Al Jazeera the men were "filming a report on the city's recent mystery drones".