British holidaymakers taking part in an alcohol-fuelled craze to get the most offensive tattoo possible may have sunk to a new low – after one partygoer paid to have "I stole Madeleine McCann" inked on his leg.

A picture of the tattoo was posted on social media last week and is believed to have been taken in the popular Spanish party town of Magaluf, Mallorca. It shows the offensive message inked in black on what appears to be the man's thigh, along with an image of two bells and a heart.

A Twitter user who posted the image wrote: "Only in Maga would you find someone with an 'I stole Madeleine McCann' tattoo."

According to the Daily Star, which spoke to tattoo parlours along the Magaluf strip about the kind of requests they get, people have been trying to outdo each other with offensive tattoos.

"We get loads of crazy Brits in here asking for all sorts of tatts," one said. "We'll do whatever they want, even if it's offensive. Some people might say it's a bit sick but it's not going on our bodies, and it's the person's decision."

It was two months ago the family of Madeleine McCann marked 10 years since the young girl went missing. She disappeared aged three from a Portugal resort in May 2007 while holidaying with her parents, Gerry and Kate.

Despite a lengthy police investigation by both British and Portuguese officers, she has still not been found. Earlier this month IBTimes UK reported how the Met Police has until September until funds for its investigation into Madeleine's disappearance run out.