Passengers were forced to tie down a man who had become violent during a domestic flight in Russia. The man, who was evidently drunk, started hurling abuse at the cabin crew and passengers who tried to intervene. Finally, when the man tried to enter the aircraft's cockpit, fellow passengers were forced to step in. The man in his 50s is currently being investigated for hooliganism.

S7, also known as Siberian Airlines, had a flight from Mineralnye Vody to Novosibirsk face mid-flight disturbance from a passenger who claims that he remembers "nothing, absolutely nothing." The cabin crew reported that the man started getting aggressive after asking to meet the captain. While the flight was cruising at around 33,000ft, the inebriated man turned violent.

When the unnamed man tried to make a move towards the cockpit, some passengers decided to take control of the situation. Eventually, they overpowered and restrained the man. Russian airlines do not have handcuffs on-board flights. So, the passengers and the cabin crew used heavy-duty tape to tie the man down in an empty business class seat.

reclining seat
Drunk passenger was taped to a seat when he tried to enter the aircraft cockpit. Getty

The tied-up man continued his verbal abuse. Once the Airbus 320 landed in Siberia's largest city, Novosibirsk police were waiting to greet the rouge passenger. Even as the policemen tried to remove the passenger from the aircraft, he continued to fight and abuse them. Police dragged the man off the flight and to a police station.

The Mirror shared the video taken by passengers, of the man tied to the business class seat. Another video making the rounds shows the man behind bars pleading to be let out.

Once the man sobered up, he started pleading the on-duty police at the station to let him out. A policewoman told him that he had caused a lot of trouble. In response, the man claimed that he had no memory of what he had done.

Following the incident, the Lawyers Union of Russia has raised a call to ensure that all aircraft have plastic handcuffs. These handcuffs are lightweight yet tough. Members of the union insisted that along with first-aid equipment, the plastic handcuffs should be mandated for passenger safety.