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The "Path of Exile 2" won't arrive this year as originally planned as the game's launch has been postponed for a couple of years. To keeps fans abreast of the latest updates, here's what's known so far about the upcoming RPG.

'Path of Exile 2' release date

Video game developer Grinding Gear Games (GGG) originally planned the "Path of Exile 2" release sometime in 2022. However, the lack of environmental artists at the company and the coronavirus pandemic forced the developer to postpone its release.

At the moment, GGG has not officially revealed a "Path of Exile 2" release date. During the latest Baeclast episode, however, Chris Wilson revealed that the game's launch is around 2023 or slightly before that, according to GameRant.

'Path of Exile 2' to introduce new playable characters, skill system, and gameplay changes

One of the most exciting details we've learned so far is that there will be tons of new playable characters in "Path of Exile 2." Each character will have its own set of Ascendancy classes, which is the game's term for subclasses.

The new game will also showcase the next generation of the original game's iconic skill system, according to OMGGamer. It will also simplify the previous game's somewhat complicated system. For instance, Support Gems will now be placed directly into Skill Gems.

Another thing to look forward to is the game's armor and weapons, which will be revised in the upcoming "Path of Exile 2." Various reports also mentioned about engine improvements, new Acts, and all sorts of customization options.

'Path of Exile 2' beta

Fans of the original game can also look forward to the "Path of Exile 2" beta. The game's official site mentioned that the beta might start as early as 2022 but there have been no updates about it since then. Be sure to subscribe and get the latest updates.