X-Men star Patrick Stewart recently confirmed that he will reprise his role as Professor X in next solo Wolverine film. The actor also hinted that fans might get to see a very different version of his character in the film.

"There is I am told a Wolverine movie in development that would include Charles Xavier, but in a very different Charles Xavier than the one we have seen before," Stewart said during a recent roundtable discussion (via ScreenRant). "And I don't quite know what that means, but I am very very excited about it. I love Hugh and I love working with him and James Mangold I believe is set to direct and he is terrific so we shall see."

The actor, reportedly, also visited the set of X-Men: Apocalypse recently so it's possible he makes a cameo, something to help tease the upcoming Wolverine film even if it's just a post-credits sequence appearance.

"They are in the middle of filming. I went up to pay them a visit in Montreal a couple of weeks ago… the next X-Men movie, but that will be inhabited by Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. The X's, not Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart."

When asked if Wolverine 3 could close the chapter on the original X-Men cast and director Bryan Singer's X-Men universe as we know it, Stewart didn't quite give a definitive reply but did express his desire to continue playing Professor X in the films.

"Something tells me from what I read that Hugh said it may be over soon. I don't know what the studio will think about that. We'll see," he said.

"I love being in those movies. I feel… I am very passionate about the X-Men movies and unlike Star Trek, where I was Captain of the Enterprise, but someone had already been captain of the Enterprise before me, William Shatner. Um, but well I created Professor X and now James (McAvoy) is taking it over and he is wonderful so flattering to have him as a youthful me.

"Everybody associated with that project, they are fantastic… the actors, the crew and the directors and now that Singer is back directing it because the first two were wonderful movies. Yeah, I would go happy into old age doing more X-Men [movies]."