Amid the roaring success of Fast and Furious' latest instalment, late actor Paul Walker's father has opened up about coping with the untimely loss of his son.

"Paul was kind of reckless with his life. Whether it was performing his own stunts, he'd tell stuntmen, 'I'm not afraid of anything.' Paul did stuff that stuntmen wouldn't do," the devastated father told Mail Online.

Explaining how the Fast and Furious star's death took a toll on him, Walker Sr also feels that there will always be questions surrounding his son's passing, "I think people will be speculating about Paul's death forever."

His son, who had become the face of the high-octane F&F franchise, died in a tragic car accident on 30 November, 2013.

It's been almost four years since his passing, but Walker Sr still finds it difficult to deal with his son's death. He even admitted that he was unsure about watching the latest blockbuster, which has grossed over $100m (£77m) worldwide.

"I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if I wanted to see it," the 71-year-old said. "But when I did, thankfully I was surrounded by friends, some who knew Paul since when he was a little kid, and it was really wonderful."

"I think the cast and the directors did Paul proud. I hope the cast all become a bunch of old, toothless men before they stop making them. Paul would be very happy that they made another one," he added before going on to speak about one particular co-star of his son, Vin Diesel.

Apart from paying a tribute to his late friend in Fate Of The Furious, Diesel has led several dedications for Paul and even named his daughter Pauline after the late actor.

"That's an incredible gesture by Vin, and it showed how tight he was with Paul," an emotional Walker Sr said before gushing about the xXx star, his "incredible" physique and kind nature. "He's such a sweet guy. It's the only thing you can say about that...What a nice thing to do? How nice can you get? You just can't, and I think that's just Vin. He's a very deep-thinker," he said.

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