In an ending worthy of an epic movie, a chilling tragedy unravels before our eyes in slow motion, during the climax to the second instalment of season 3, episode 2 (12 May). Despite a relatively steady, albeit intense episode, we couldn't have predicted a more explosive ending. One which has potentially killed off one of the show's main characters.

The harsh reality of the Shelby gang's endeavours finally hit home with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) breaking his usual steely façade to let out a cry of turmoil as his beautiful new bride, Grace, (Annabelle Wallis) collapses in his arms following a gunshot wound to her chest.

We thought our Brummy gangster Tommy had found happiness with the Irish barmaid (Wallis) but it was all taken away from him in a blink of an eye? Perhaps not...

grace peaky blinders
Is Peaky Blinders\' Grace dead? BBC

A Neapolitan gangster shot a bullet straight through the blonde beauty's heart, and judging by her lifeless expression, viewers are led to believe she'd passed away as Tommy attempts to revive her. Meanwhile, his cohorts unleash their wrath on the assassin by kicking, punching and smashing inanimate objects on his head – all in slow-mo, naturally.

We had a sneaking suspicion that Tommy may not have wound up with Grace, but to kill her off so soon into the third series seemed inconceivable. But if series creator Steven Knight was looking for the shock factor, he certainly delivered it. It certainly woke us up from the sleepy yet foreboding episode where, compared to the previous one, little happened apart from a few eye-gauging brawls, exchanges of bitter words and the arrival of Paddy Considine's egregious foul-playing priest.

grace peaky blinders
Grace was shot \'dead\' during the dramatic finale of Peaky Blinders episode 2 BBC

It all got a bit ominous after bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Grace – dressed to the nines in a beautiful ball gown with 1920s-style crimped hair – wore a humongous sapphire gem from Tommy around her neck only to learn that the stone had been cursed by a gypsy. After the annoying Princess Tatiana Petrovna informs Tommy that nothing would make her wear the necklace, he frantically scurries off to find his wife in a bid to nab it off her. However, moments later – before a gentle kiss between the newlyweds – Grace meets her catastrophic fate.

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