Cheating husband's beware
Cheating husband\'s beware

A jilted wife chopped off her husband's penis and then threw it away as he slept in bed, in a fit of jealous rage.

The woman, 33, allegedly committed the act because she suspected him of sleeping with other women behind her back in East Java, Indonesia.

She waited until he was fast asleep at 4am before sneaking to get a knife from the kitchen of the couple's house in the small district of Saronggi.

It is alleged she then seized her husband's penis and lopped it with the blade, before throwing away the severed member.

The man, also 33, was rushed to hospital, bleeding heavily from his groin. Unfortunately for him, doctors could not stitch the organ back on because it was nowhere to be found after his wife chucked it away, according to the news site Tempo.Co.

A Saronggi police spokesman said inquiries were ongoing. He added: "The suspect has been arrested and is being interrogated at the police station."

The bloody incident is the latest example of the extreme measures taken by women in the Far East against husbands who stray from the marital bed.

Indeed, the practice of penile dismemberment became something of a phenomenon, which even spawned its own phrase in Thailand - after several men's severed penises were thrown to farmyard animals by their angry spouses.

Men who stayed out late socialising and had to get home quickly told companions it was because, otherwise "I'll be chickenfeed."