Peruvian activist and actor Ricardo Torres
Peruvian environmental activist and actor, Ricardo Torres, marries a tree in Bogota, Colombia, 2014. Torres reportedly married a tree for an eighth time in Mexico, 10 May, 2016. Fernando Vergara/AP

Peruvian environmental activist and actor Ricardo Torres has married an ancient Cypress tree in Mexico as part of an ecological awareness campaign, tallying up as the eighth 'marriage' to a tree for the environmental activist.

Surrounded by village elders, family and friends, Torres placed a ring on a branch and kissed it as guests threw rice at the newly-married 'couple'. Church bells and conch shells rang through Santa Maria del Tule at about 11.30am local time on Sunday, 8 May, when the wedding took place.

And yes, he did seal the marriage with a kiss. As with any newly-weds, Torres will go on a honeymoon. During his honeymoon, Torres has said that he will plant trees with children to reaffirm his green commitment.

"The wedding with the Cypress tree is the symbol of this campaign. Marry a tree, Mexico," the actor urged. "Stop the hand of those who cut the trees. I denounce this genocide and ask the president of Mexico to stop the destruction," he added.

It was unclear whether the tree consented to the marriage or if it will be accompanying Torres on his honeymoon. The tree is a famous 2,000 year-old cyprus tree known as El Tule. It is one of the oldest and widest trees in the world.