A man suspected of shooting a Philadelphia policeman has admitted he tried to execute the officer in the name of Islam, according to reports. Officer Jesse Hartnett, 33 was shot three times while sitting in his patrol car in West Philadelphia.

A 30-year-old suspect was arrested in connection with the incident described "as one of the scariest things" Philadelphia police had ever seen. Police said they have not found a motive for the attack and did not say if they were treating it a terrorist attack.

According to CBS Philadelphia, the suspect, who has not been named, has now admitted to firing at the officer 13 times in the name of Islam.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters: "When you look at the video, this is one of the scariest things I've ever seen. "This guy tried to execute the police officer. The police officer had no idea he was coming. It's amazing he's alive. We're just lucky, that's all I can say. I can't even believe that he was able to survive this."

Hartnett was taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center with what is believed to be non-life threatening injuries. Despite being shot out, the officer managed to return fire and struck the suspect in the buttocks. He was arrested shortly after attempting to flee on foot.

Update: Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has confirmed the reports, adding adding he also referenced Islamic State (Isis) militants.

He said: "He has confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of Islam. There was no evidence as yet that the shooter had worked with anyone else. He was savvy enough to stop just short of implicating himself in a conspiracy. He doesn't appear to be a stupid individual, just an extremely violent one."