Harmless Sam and Billie Faiers were left shocked after a gang of girls set upon them twice in the same evening.

The Only Way is Essex girls were confronted by a gang of up to 10 girls who stole her purse in a London night club.

A source told The Mirror: "The sisters were first targeted inside the club when the girls made off with Billie's handbag, thought to be a one-off Mulberry, worth £1,000."

When they returned to Essex, the pair received a phone call from the attackers using Billie's phone who arranged to meet them in a field in Chigwell to retrieve it.

When they arrived, Sam was set upon again and repeatedly kicked in the head in an appalling display of animalistic behaviour.

The source continued: "Both Sam and Billie later went to A&E to get checked out. They are fine now, just a bit shocked, although Sam has been left with two black eyes."

"As soon as the TOWIE two walked in and had settled on their table, they were targeted by the other girls who must have recognised them from the show.

"These girls jumped on the sisters' table and wrestled for Billie's bag, which had make-up, her phone and purse, before running off with it."

Such were the injuries she received; Sam was given an emergency brain scan after she was beaten unconscious. The gang are said to have run away after believing they had killed her.

A spokesman for the pair said: "It was an unprovoked and horrific attack" with Sam's manager, Adam Muddle saying: "Both girls are now recovering at home."