Piers Morgan is on cloud nine after UK communications regulator Ofcom cleared him of any wrongdoing in his remarks against Meghan Markle that had led to his exit from "Good Morning Britain."

Dubbing the Duchess of Sussex a "liar" after her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, Morgan had said, "I don't believe a word she says. I wouldn't believe a weather report if she read it. The fact she has expressed an onslaught against our Royal Family is contemptible." When weather presenter Alex Beresford called him out for his repeated attacks on the royal, Morgan dramatically left the studio. ITV leadership asked him to apologise in order to keep his position, but he instead submitted his resignation.

Meanwhile, enraged viewers of the show including Meghan herself approached The Office of Communications about Morgan's remarks, and as many as 57,000 complaints were filed against him by the public. Ofcom has now ruled that even though the television presenter made some "potentially harmful and offensive" remarks, he did not breach the broadcasting code.

"The [Ofcom broadcasting] code allows for individuals to express strongly held and robustly argued views, including those that are potentially harmful or highly offensive. The restriction of such views would, in our view, be an unwarranted and chilling restriction on freedom of expression both of the broadcaster and the audience," the media watchdog said.

Morgan is now celebrating his victory by going on another rant against the former American actress. "This is a resounding victory for free speech and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchio. Do I get my job back?" he tweeted.

He also said that he has been getting many job offers since Ofcom's decision and will be making a decision soon, reports ITV. He told reporters outside his home, "I have had loads of offers and they have accelerated in the last 10 hours, as you can imagine, and I will take my free speech campaign around the world and all I require is to have an employer who believes in it as passionately as I do. I'm considering some very interesting offers right now and I will make a decision quite soon."

 Piers Morgan
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