Piers Morgan has revealed that he was saved from cancer after a viewer spotted a blemish on his chest and advised him to check it out with a doctor.

Gillian Nuttall, the founder of Melanoma UK, warned the Good Morning Britain host after watching his ITV Serial Killer documentary, according to Daily Star.

"When my Serial Killer crime documentary aired on ITV in November, Gillian Nuttall, founder of Melanoma UK, emailed me to say: 'Piers, at the risk of sounding like a lunatic, I'm just watching your programme and there's a blemish visible on your chest. Have you had it checked?" the 52-year-old was quoted as saying by the publication.

Soon after receiving an email from Nuttall, Morgan visited a leading dermatologist. The doctor took one look at the blemish and cut it out as he feared it could have turned cancerous if not removed as soon as possible.

Morgan has thanked Nuttall for giving him a warning about the blemish, saying she deserves a "gold star". He added, "Thanks, Gillian. Oh the irony of a serial killer inadvertently helping to save my life. Merry Christmas!"

Meanwhile, weatherman Alex Beresford, who is gearing up to appear on the reboot of the skating show Dancing On Ice, has said that he does not want his colleague, Morgan, to support him. He has said so as he believes when Morgan disses someone on television they usually do well.

"When Charlotte [Hawkins] was doing Strictly, when he got behind her, she was getting less votes," the 37-year-old told Mirror TV. "But if you diss her on national TV, everyone jumps in and helps. So I hope he continues to diss me."

Morgan has been dissing Beresford on his breakfast show for some time now but the latter has said that is all for entertainment purpose.

"We banter back and forth everyday, I think he's secretly pleased I'm doing the show," he said. "He said he's got my full support until I fall over so I'm trying not to fall over. I think deep down he does care."