Families of those who died in the Air France Rio to Paris crash in 2009 which killed 228 people have been reacting to the news that a combination of pilot error and faulty speed sensors were to blame.

France's air accident investigators BEA have made recommendations on training and ideas for redesigning the cockpit in Airbus planes which - if implemented – will hopefully prevent another similar disaster. Barbara Crawld lost her 27-year-old son in the crash. She's unsatisfied by the report.

"I must say once again I didn't read the report and we will make an analysis of this report, we have experts who will look at it but at this moment I only can say I hoped they would find other reasons as well, but they didn't occupy with technical reasons for the crash."

An expert panel of psychologists and aviation professionals gave input to the report and the Air France pilots union maintain that pilots were not trained to deal with the 'stall alarm' emergency which led the plane to dropping 38,000 feet before crash happened.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole