Striking a balance between an immensely successful music career and motherhood can be a real task, but American pop star Pink makes it sound effortless, despite some struggles.

Just before the release of her seventh studio album, the songstress shared some candid confessions in a trailer for her upcoming short film On the Record: P!nk - Beautiful Trauma, releasing on 13 October.

"I'd say the hardest part is just trying to figure it all out. I signed up for this when I was 16 and now I have children and I have a marriage," the 38-year-old singer said in a clip shared by People magazine, in which she talks about her life as an artist and being mother to daughter Willow, 6, and eight-month-old son Jameson.

"I just want to always make sure that I'm doing right by them. It's not a simple puzzle anymore — it's not just me," the What About Us hitmaker confesses in the candid special.

Releasing on the same day as her upcoming album, the new movie offers a glimpse into the arduous process of making an album — which Pink describes as "so many moving pieces" — and the additional challenges of being a mother.

"There are a lot of parts," the Raise Your Glass singer explains. "The studio sessions, then you write the songs, and then you have to finish the songs and somebody's in New York and somebody's in Philadelphia. Then maybe there's a choir in Philadelphia and then it's photo shoots, it's video shoots, and then you're in dance rehearsals."

And that's not all, she says as she goes on to detail the grind of balancing it all with her family life.

"So it's rehearsals and it's putting on shows and then your 6-year-old has surf camp and your 8-year-old has a vaccination and then your album's out," says the songstress before realising that her youngest one is just eight-months-old.

Shot against varied backdrops — including studio sets and a live performance at The Theater at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles — the film shows Pink in a new light and will be available on Apple music.