The ongoing buzz surrounding the PlayStation 5 was recently fueled by a developer who predicted that the debut will take place in less than four weeks. Before that, it was already speculated to happen sometime in February 2020 after the company failed to take advantage of CES 2020 and The Video Game Awards 2019. Two weeks ago, 4chan users spotted a comprehensive leak posted about the PS5. While most originally shrugged it off as just another rumour, a social media update from Sony might have just confirmed it to be true.

A report from Push Square points out that the PlayStation Europe Twitter account just updated the company slogan. For the longest time, Sony has been switching between "Best Place to Play" and "For the Players" as noted by fans. Now, the profile says "It's time to play" which is exactly what was listed on the aforementioned message board post. Now, it seems likely that the rest of the details listed could be accurate to a point.

4chan is not exactly considered by most as a reliable source by most people, but the other information contained in that particular post might be true all along. Aside from the slogan change, it claims the PlayStation 5 will be unveiled during a PlayStation Meeting presentation set for Wednesday, February 5, at Sony Hall in New York City. The Console is backwards compatible with all PlayStation 4 games.

Moreover, it was indicated that the PS5 will retail for $499 with pre-orders going live shortly after the event. The next-generation game system is scheduled to ship out in October 2020. The post goes on to confirm that the console will be on par with Microsoft's Xbox Series X, which is allegedly more expensive by $100.

Meanwhile, the games that will be available on launch are as follows: "Demon Souls Remastered," "MLB The Show 21," "Legendz," "Gran Turismo 7," and "Godfall." Last week, "Twisted Metal" and "God of War" developer David Jaffe posted on Twitter about this year's E3 without Sony. He wrote that it is "the very best thing for PlayStation" and later posted about the PlayStation 5 reveal schedule. Nevertheless, all of these should be taken with a pinch of salt until an official communication from the company becomes available.

PlayStation's social media accounts were compromised with hacker group OurMine claiming responsibility for the breach. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images