Sony is keeping a tight lip when it comes to details regarding the next-generation PlayStation. So far, the only official information the public knows about the new game system is very limited. Even the PlayStation 5 name is not yet final.

However, multiple clues are popping out this fall season suggesting that its unveiling might be imminent. New information about the upcoming gaming machine reportedly talks about lower power consumption.

The news comes from Jim Ryan, president, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. He confirms that the company's engineers were able to tweak the console's rest mode function. For those unaware, the PlayStation 4 introduced a new feature wherein the system goes into a suspend state. It is similar to the hibernate option on Windows computers that allows users to bypass the bootup sequence.

On the other hand, it looks like the PlayStation 5 will do even better. Ryan made the announcement shortly after Sony established a partnership with the United Nations Environment Committee. Both parties are calling it the Playing for the Planet Alliance, which seeks to improve certain manufacturing processes in order to minimise pollution.

The Japanese electronics company promises to explore new technology to help reduce the carbon emissions of its products. Environmental watchdogs have been eyeing power consumption levels of most Video game systems for a while now, as pointed out by Business Insider. Comparing the PS5 to its predecessor, the manufacturer is claiming an impressive 0.5W consumption on the new system.

In rest mode, the PS4 consumes less energy. but still performs other functions and maintains a connection to the internet. Users can then continue to download software and updates and automatically install these. Additionally, connected DualShock 4 controllers can be charged. After the 2.50 update patch, the system can suspend games as well.

For now, the official details about the PlayStation 5 include the enhanced rest mode, ray-tracing technology, faster loading times, 3D audio and 8K graphics. Sony allegedly boasts that its new console can rival the performance of high-end gaming PCs. Finally, a recent rumour states that the PlayStation 5 Pro is launching together with the base model.

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Players can now earn PlayStation store credit for playing their games. Getty