Nintendo has announced a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS called Pokemon Battle Trozei which will be available from 20 March.

A fast-paced Pokémon puzzle game which requires players to match Pokémon to clear them while battling and picking up other Pokémon. The gameplay happens to be similar to Puzzles and Dragons. It happens to be a follow-up to 2006's Pokemon Trozei for DS, which recieved positive reviews.

The game includes every Pokémon on the Pokedex, in short, all 718 of them. This includes characters in older games like Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue and even the latest titles, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. One of the main highlights is that the game features four-player co-op play, which will offer a brilliant multi-player experince.

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How does it work?

The game is a different take on the franchise since players battle Pokemon in order to capture them through fast-paced puzzles. Upon being captured, Pokemon are called Trozei. The obejective of the game is that players will have to Trozei all the Pokemon in the game.

A captured Pokémon can be used by players during battles. The more the players use a specific Pokemon, the faster the growth of its strength and abilities.

While the bottom screen is where all the puzzle action happens, the screen on top will be for battling.

Pokemon Battle Trozei wil be out for the Nintendo 3DS on 20 March across North America. Europe will get the game under the name "Pokemon Link Battle" from 13 March.