A gamer by the name of th3sharkk, along with a few other contributors, has now come out with a Pokemon fan game which takes some of the elements of classic titles from the franchise and puts them through a remix.

"Pokemon Evoas is a unique reinterpretation of the classic pokemon formula, with a new battle system, overworld, and other various tweaks to make the game feel more refreshing", says the game's description on Reddit.

"If you've wanted the official pokemon games to evolve more than they have in the past decade, or just wanted to experience the feeling of playing pokemon for the first time again, this game will probably be very appealing to you," it says.

The game happens to be only a thirty minute preview, but can be played from one's browser. The game is available here. The developers behind the game say that the programmed the game from scratch.

How is it different from regular Pokemon games?

The team says that they have made several changes to "standard Pokemon gameplay formula, with a focus on making battles more strategic and exciting."

The game also has a new objective to flaunt. Instead of trying to win a series of gym badges, players will have to reclaim their old Pokémon team.

A major change happens to be in the game's battle system, which brings in 'infected trainers'. Along with this new element comes a 'brink mode', which works on a higher risk/reward mechanic.

Apart from using custom art, the game also boasts a fresh soundtrack by by reddit user wk2012.

It is worth noting that the game looks top notch and is far more polished than most fan-made spin offs on the internet.