Video from the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, has emerged showing players of the popular mobile game Pokémon Go causing a stampede as they rush to try and catch a rare pocket monster spotted in the city. Gamers heard tale of a rare Snorlax and rushed to try and catch it.

The crowd surged near Beitou Park as a street nearby was hiding the elusive catch. Facebook users posted videos of the rush, which were shared and viewed millions of times.

Pokémon Go has already caused a number of controversies since its launch on 6 July. Sensitive historical sites like New York's Holocaust Museum have asked players not to play the game on the premises. The Auschwitz Memorial said it was "disrespectful on many levels" for people to play the game there.

Earlier in August, people were seen playing the game in a museum dedicated to the genocide in Cambodia perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge regime, prompting one survivor to tell AFP: "It is a place of suffering. It is not appropriate to play the game there. It is an insulting act to the souls of the victims who died there."