POkemon go
Three bodies have been discovered by Pokemon Go players since the release of the game Getty

Players of the popular Pokemon Go are getting more than they hoped for from the augmented reality game. On 14 July, players at two different locations in the US discovered dead bodies while on the hunt for pocket monsters.

One body was found floating in Salmon Brook near Rotary Park in Nashua, New Hampshire and another was discovered at Marian Bear Memorial Park in San Diego by three girls who were on a game quest. San Diego police told 10News they believe the body was of a homeless man who most probably died of natural causes.

"It's my understanding that the person who found the victim was actually playing the Pokemon game," said Lt Robert Giggi with regards to the other body found in Salmon Brook.

"Apparently, he was looking in kind of obscure places for something that has to do with this game, which is what brought the person that found the victim to that area."

Diver teams were called for and the body was retrieved from the water. While the autopsy results are yet to be declared, authorities said that they did not suspect foul play.

On 8 July a teenage girl in rural Wyoming also stumbled across a dead body near Big Wind River while out playing the game. "I guess I was only paying attention to my phone and where I was walking," 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins told CNN Money.

Local police have identified the body as being that of Jeffrey Day, 28, and said his death was most probably a case of accidental drowning.

While in some cases the game has led to the discovery of bodies, in other cases Pokemon Go has also been causing accidents of its own. On 13 July, two men fell off a beachside-cliff near San Diego while playing the game. They were later rescued using rope.