Are you tired of being bombarded with Pokémon updates? A thoughtful developer has a solution for you in the form of a Goggle Chrome extension that will act like an ad-blocker to shoo away all Pokemon content.

The extension has been aptly named Pokemon NO and claims to block all Pokémon related content including its mention on social media sites to relieve you if you are not a fan either of the character or the game. The extension description reads, "Tired of seeing this children's game being discussed in the news, on Twitter and on your Facebook feed? Well now you never have to see it again! Pokémon NO will remove any mention of Pokémon and their new app from any website you visit!"

Any Pokémon content that comes will be blocked once you download the extension and activate it, even though the action could take a few seconds to perform. In fact, users will even see a little anti-Pikachu popup on the top right corner telling them exactly how many Pokémon references have been purged.

A user who used the extension seemed pretty impressed saying, "Excellent! Thank you for saving me from blowing my brains off!" Another one, however, felt the mentions still pop up on some sites saying, "Extension works so far. But on sites like Google news it shows a headline very briefly and then is blocked. Ultimately I don't notice it working."

Pokémon Go has generated a massive buzz since its launch on 6 July in the US, with a large number of people on the internet talking, writing, searching, and of course playing the game. The game is an augmented reality experience that combines cartoon characters and real life locations.

POkemon go
Although gamers say Pokemon Go has helped with anxiety and depression some just want to get rid of it Getty