Police in Sydney, Australia tweeted out a warning for vehicle owning fans of the runaway hit mobile game, Pokémon Go, on Thursday after two drivers were caught playing behind the wheel. "What do you get when you mix driving & Pokémon Go?" asked New South Wales Police, "$325 and 4 Demerit Points."

The tweet also said that the force had caught two drivers playing within a single hour. According to the Australian Daily Telegraph, the drivers were both stopped in the Bankstown suburb of Sydney.

"This is not about fines, demerit points, suspensions or infringements. This is about the difference between living and dying, life and incapacitation," John Hartley, Traffic and Highway Patrol commander, told the paper. "This is a plea to every road user to do the right thing, to arrive safe to the family — it is a plea for patience, common sense, sound judgement and wise decisions."

According to the Transport for New South Wales website:"It is illegal to hold and use your phone at any time while driving or riding."

It's not the first time players of the increasingly popular augmented reality mobile game are being told that some places are not suitable to catch 'em all. Officials at the US Holocaust Museum said it was "extremely inappropriate" for people to play the game at the museum – the state museum at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps banned people playing the game, calling it "disrespectful on many levels."

Though the game as been available in other regions for almost a week, it only became available to download in the UK on Thursday (14 July).