Pokemon PLays Twitch Bird Jesus

After a series of successful Flappy Bird clones like Splashy Fish, Flying Cyrus - Wrecking Ball and many others, the internet has a new favorite: Bird Jesus. The game happens to be the result of a mix of Twitch Plays Pokemon and Dong Nguyen's iconic Flappy Bird.

Pokemon Plays Twitch For the Uninitiated

Twitch happens to be a website for video game streaming over the Internet. While viewers usually just sit back and watch others play, Pokemon Plays Twitch added a special twist to the concept.

It gained some serious attention with a computer-emulated game of Pokemon Red, which was made available by an anonymous Australian programmer.

Players were able to control the game via the chat system, meaning that multiple people could enter commands at the same time to control the game's character. The result was thousands of players attempting to gain control of the game , thereby resulting in some serious chaos and confusion.

However, to deal with this obvious problem, the channel's creator went on to make a tweak in the game. It allowed the many thousands of players to vote, requiring them to choose between "anarchy" or "democracy."

If anarchy received more favour, then the game would preserve the chaos. However, if the majority picked democracy, they would get to call the shots for the next ten seconds of game play.

Players resorted to democracy mode during critical and important moments of the game. It took the internet about two weeks to finish the game.

What's so Special About Bird Jesus?

A high quality Flappy Bird clone from a company called Go Barcelona Startups SL, it features a Pidgeot Pokemon. Why a Pidgeot? From the above explanation, it should be clear that performing even the simplest of actions is no easy task in a game since there is rarely any coordination.

However, players managed to miraculously capture a Pidgey despite all this chaos. Through the game they somehow managed to hold on to it and eventually evolve it into first a Pidgeotto before turning it into a powerful Pidgeot.

Apart from simply evolving, the Pokemon in question won numerous battles, allowing him to gain the reputation of a savior or god-like figure. So through Bird Jesus, this legendary Pidgeot will live on forever.

The game is free to play, but has background ads running just like Flappy Bird did.

There's no guarantee that Twitch Plays Pokemon fans will like this new clone, but a fact is that it is easily one of the best Flappy Bird Clones out there.