A new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon has revealed seven new Pokémon of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games set for release on 23 November 2016 in the UK. The footage shows in-game battle action which also confirms the types of the new creatures and several of their moves.

Update: English language trailer added, moves/abilities updated and Komala and Rockruff detailed.

First to feature is Tapu Koko which appears to be owned by one of the Alola region's main NPC characters. The Aztec-inspired monster is a dual Fairy/Electric type and has a new ability called Electric Surge, which causes a current to run "across the battlefield". It is also seen attacking a Litten with a new move called Nature's Madness.

A wild Charajbug is shown next, which is the evolved form of the previously revealed Grubbin. The well... box creature is a Bug/Electric type and has another new ability called Battery. Charajbug is then shown evolving into a pincer-faced flying insect known as Vikavolt which shares the same typing as its pre-evolved form, but has the fan-favourite ability, Levitate that protects from Ground attacks.

The dopey-looking dragon dubbed Drampa (a Dragon/Normal type), pink Psychic/Water fish Bruxish, tiny gnat-like Bug/Fairy Cutiefly and the Steel/Electric spherical rodent Togedemaru round out the new cast of creatures which look much better in the official footage then they did in the earlier leaks. Drampa and Bruxish also have never-before-seen abilities - Beserk and Dazzling respectively.

The trailer ends with a look at the many forms of Pokémon X and Y's legendary Pokémon, Zygarde, which ends with its heavily Dragonball Z-inspired "Full Power Form". The Z-themed mythical beast is reportedly set to play a large role in the seventh generation games.

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A press release also confirmed two additional creatures - Komala and Rockruff. Here is what the official statement said of the two:

Name: Rockruff
Type: Rock
Rockruff has an excellent sense of smell, and once it has smelled an odour, it doesn't forget it. There are tales of these Pokémon getting separated from their Trainers, then using the faintest traces of their scent to track them for days until they are reunited.

Name: Komala
Type: Normal
No one has ever seen a Komala awake. It eats, travels and even battles while sound asleep. According to ancient people, its saliva can be used as medicine for the sick or sleepless. Komala has the Comatose Ability which keeps it perpetually in a drowsing state, preventing it from getting any other status conditions.

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An update to the official Pokémon Sun and Moon website also confirmed that rideable Pokémon are returning for the games, as a trainer can be seen atop a Stoutland.

The latest additions to Sun and Moon's roster join Yungoos, Pikipek and Grubbin which were revealed Nintendo's E3 2016 Treehouse livestream alongside a four-way multiplayer mode called Battle Royal - a first for the series.

Pokémon Sun and Moon were revealed back in February, while a debut trailer offered fans a peek at what lies in store on the islands of the Alola region. A later trailer confirmed the identities of several NPC characters as well as Lunala and Solgaleo - the games' box-art legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are set for release on Nintendo 3DS on 23 November 2016 in Europe and on 18 November 2016 in the US and Japan.

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