Pokemon X

A YouTube user, GameboyLuke, has now discovered a new method by which players can use Pokegen trading and hacking with the recently released Pokemon Bank.

The method mentioned in the guide requires users to utilise the Global Trade Station (GTS).

1) The first step requires users to visit the website Pokecheck, which tests the Pokemon in question and confirms whether it will pass through the X and Y security system.

2) After getting this confirmation, users must head over to the Pokegen and pick the Pokemon that they would like to edit.

3) Next, users must go to PokeGTS.US and copy the IP address. After this, they must head over to the 3DS's internet page and pick their current connection.

4) Next, they must head over to DNS. In that section, players must choose "no" and enter a detailed setup. After this, they are required to input the IP address from PokeGTS in both the primary and secondary fields, before saving the new connection settings.

5) Following this, players will have to go to the PokeGTS website. Over here select Upload Pokemon before picking X and Y.

6) Players must now start up Pokemon White 2 or Pokemon Black 2.

IMPORTANT: Players must ensure that they have six pokemon in their party. Else the game can glitch.

7) Next, players must pick the Pokemon that they want to transfer on Poke GTA before clicking Submit.

8) Navigate to Global Trade and start a trade.

9) The game will now run a check on player's GTS status. After this, the pokemon in question will be sent.

10) Players must now leave the game and head over to Pokemon Transporter on their consoles.

Tip: Players are advised to use two 3DS systems instead of one since this will save them time.

11) In this step, players must ensure that Box One contains Pokemon. They must now send them through the Pokemon Transporter.

IMPORTANT: The Pokemon that players got from PokeGTS should be among these.

12) The last step requires users to enter Pokemon Bank and navigate to the transfer box. Once there, players must move the entire box over to either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y. Once they start their games up, players will find their gen Pokemon waiting for them.

Take a look at the videos below for detailed instructions.