An accident on the A90 between Crimond and Saint Fergus, Aberdeenshire resulted in the death of one teen. Dylan Irvine was killed in the crash while his unnamed 18-year-old friend was seriously injured. Emergency services arrived at the scene after the incident occurred in the early hours of Monday, October 5. Due to some error, the 18-year-old's family was incorrectly informed that he had passed away. The police issued an apology to the family of both the young men after the error was discovered.

Scotland Police released the name of the teenager who had been killed in the A90 crash. It was also revealed that the police had made an error in identifying the two men involved in the crash. Irvine, a Peterhead, Aberdeenshire resident was found dead at the scene by emergency services. His friend, who is thought to be the owner of the red Ford Fiesta involved in the crash, was seriously injured. He was taken to a hospital where his condition remains critical.

At the scene, the police tried to identify the two men. Based on personal effects found at the scene, witness reports and details provided by the injured man, the police noted the identity of the deceased incorrectly. They then proceeded to contact the families of the teens to inform them of the incident.

The 18-year-old's family received the devastating news of his death. In reality, he was under treatment at a hospital. When the police discovered the mix-up, they had to call the families and explain the error, The Press and Journal reported.

Chief Inspector Neil Lumsden stated that the officers were misled by information provided by those present at the scene. He also pointed out that as soon as the error was identified, steps were taken to correct it. The families involved were understanding of the situation as the police apologised for the mistake.

Lumsden said that the incident will be reviewed so that the department can learn from it.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash. The police have requested anyone with any information to call 101. The investigation remains ongoing.

Police Scotland
Police Scotland incorrectly informed teen's family of his death even though he is alive. (representational image) Postdlf/Wikicommons