A 44-year-old man has been arrested on a bus in Manchester in connection with Monday's terror attack.

Plain clothed police officers stormed a First bus headed for the city centre at 7pm. They instructed passengers to leave the bus as they arrested the man on suspicion of terrorist charges.

An eyewitness told the Manchester Evening News: "There was a swarm of police and they cordoned off the road. I saw plain clothed policemen, uniformed and some in face masks with machine guns.

"A First bus was stopped and they boarded with passengers on. It looked like someone was wrestled to the floor but I didn't see an arrest as I was watching from a top floor."

Supermarket worker Lauren Andrews, who was on the bus, was sat next to a plainclothed officer. She described the scene as officers approached the suspect.

"Suddenly, six or seven plain-clothed police officers got on, and the man who was sat next to me stood up and told people to leave. Two were wearing bullet proof vests.

'They arrested someone at the back of the bus. They surrounded him and I didn't see what he looked like. They shouted for everyone to get off the bus. They then cordoned the road off and told drivers to take a different route.

"I was really scared. With everything that's going on, anything like this makes you think it could be a lot worse. I was quite shaken at the time."

Police arrest man on bus in Manchester
Passengers on the bus described a commotion as police swooped on a suspect Twitter

Police revealed this evening that the suspect had been taken into custody after his arrest in the Rusholme area of the city.

11 people have been arrested following the terror attack at Manchester arena on Monday when 22 people were killed.

As the investigation continues Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said police have made 'significant' arrests Mail Online reports. "We are very happy we've got our hands around some of the key players that we are concerned about but there's still a little bit more to do."

With large events including the Great Manchester Run and the FA Cup Final at Wembley taking place this weekend 1,100 armed officers will be deployed at public gatherings across the country. The Asst Commissioner reassured the public that there would be increased security and 'more armed officers on the streets' as he urged people not to let the terrorists change our way of life.

"Enjoy yourselves and be reassured by the greater policing presence you will see," he said. "We can't let the terrorists win by dissuading us from going about our normal business."

Britain remains at the highest threat level of critical while the investigation continues.