Police called over couple having loud sex with the windows open (wiki commons)

In a bid to stop nuisance calls, South Yorkshire Police has made public some of the most ridiculous reasons people call them, including a couple having noisy sex and a girl's new trainers getting muddy.

One woman called emergency services because she could not access films with her Sky TV card, while another said his neighbour does not like him because he jumps on a trampoline wearing a dress.

Detective sergeant Nigel Taaffe, from South Yorkshire Police, said: "If you had your children's friends over and one went to the toilet in your Wendy house, most people would just clean it up. But we had someone ring the police.

"If your 14-year-old daughter has got her brand new expensive trainers muddy and her friends are laughing, most people would not ring us. But, again, someone did."

One man called the police 100 times over the course of 13 months, but none of his calls resulted in a police investigation.

"They are generally one-off issues. But there are people who place a disproportionate demand on our resources and not for policing issues," Taaffe said.

Police have now said they will be sending letters informing people who make nuisance calls that they will prosecuted if they continue to waste police time.

The letter that will be sent says: "This is a final warning to you and there will be consequences should you fail to engage, and continue your current behaviour. Further action will be considered.

"It is an offence to waste police time and although we will support you in any genuine policing need, if it is deemed you have committed such an offence then consideration will be given to prosecuting you."

Top Callers

A woman says her daughter is "attacking her". On further questioning, it emerges the daughter is refusing to go to bed.

Man says a couple has a big brown dog that is running around. It is not aggressive, but he is worried about its size.

Woman says a three-year-old child who has come to her house to play with her daughter has pooed in the playhouse.

Caller says the neighbours have been having sex very loudly with the windows open and that this has been happening for a long time.

Caller says a group of youths have been coming onto the street and singing Christmas carols, but they cannot sing and are just trying to get money.

Caller was in Newcastle for the weekend and woke up in his hotel to find his trousers were missing.