This is the bullet hole in the uniform of the policeman who shot dead Berlin truck attack terrorist Anis Amri. Police officer Cristian Movio, who is in hospital suffering from a gun wound to his shoulder after yesterday's shoot-out against Amri, has been hailed a hero alongside his colleague, Luca Scata.

Both men apprehended Amri, 24, during a routine patrol in Milan. Amri opened fire after he refused to reveal his identity documents to the officers.

Tunisian-born Amri had been on the run since he killed 12 people and injured 48 by driving a lorry into shoppers at a Berlin Christmas market on 19 December.

Questions are now being raised as to how he was able to move undetected across Germany and France until he reached Italy.

At a press conference Italy's Interior Minister Marco Minniti congratulated the two officers for tracking down Europe's most wanted man: "I was able to speak to Christian Movio. He is a very motivated young man, he is an extraordinary young man. We consider these two young officers to be extraordinary people who carried out their duty and rendered extraordinary service to the community.

"I'd also like to thank all the security teams in this country. Italy must really be proud of them. For the police to identify this person and neutralise them means there really is a system that is capable of functioning. It's not simple when faced with this level of terrorism to guarantee safety."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "I thanked the President of the Italian Council and I would like to reiterate the thanks to the Italian police and all security forces. I wish the injured police officer a full and speedy recovery."

Scata has paid tribute to his brave friend on Facebook, writing: "The true hero he is.... my colleague.... He was losing his life. You want to Cristian a speedy recovery and share this photo, Italy needs to know especially him! Honor to Cristian!"

Other people honoured the officers for their efforts in tracking down the terrorist.

Kristabelle Hutch posted: "Your family, friends and country must be so proud of you. Best wishes and thank you from England :-)"

Vito Basso wrote: "Thank you so much and i wish you a speedy recovery to his colleague."

"You were great guys. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to cristian," said Concy Ottaviani.