Brighton police
Brighton and Hove police see the funny side after getting stuck Brighton And Hove Police/Twitter

Four police officers had to be rescued by emergency services after they became trapped in a faulty lift.

The Brighton and Hove officers were coming to the end of their night shift when they realised their lift had become stuck.

The situation resulted in 10 firefighters being called to the scene at around 5.50am on Tuesday morning (October 17). It is not known exactly how long the men were trapped in the lift.

The police officers managed to see the funny side and posted to social media about their ordeal. In a post to Twitter they joked that they had 'never been so relieved' to see their colleagues from East Sussex Fire and Rescue.

They added the hashtag #awkward to sum up their embarrassing experience.

A spokesman for the East Sussex fire service confirmed they had "rescued four people stuck in a lift in Sillwood Street, Brighton, at 5.52am".

Speaking with the Telegraph, a Brighton and Hove officer described it as "one of the more unusual hazards of policing."

Rescue services around the world have often shown a good sense of humour, perhaps owing to the stressful nature of their work.

In April, a group of firefighters from Maine released their own rap video entitled 'I Got Hose'. The video went viral after it notched up an impressive 350,000 views in just four days. The song was a play on the Ludacris and Nate Dogg 90s hip-hop classic 'Area Codes'.