Member of a Polish death metal band have been arrested on rape charges for the alleged sexual assault of a woman on their tour bus on 31 August, after a concert in Spokane, Washington.

Four members of the band were arrested in Santa Ana, California and being held in jail while they await extradition back to Spokane.

In an email to the Associated Press, the band's lawyer Steve Graham said that the musicians would be fighting the allegations, adding: "Decapitated plan to fully fight the allegations that have been brought against them and are confident that their side of the story will be heard."

Graham also told a local paper that the band would not fight the extradition proceedings.

"We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit the band of her own free will and left on good terms".

According to court documents seen by the news services, a woman and her friend say they were at the concert in Spokane before talking to the band and being invited onto their bus. The women said that once aboard they began to feel uncomfortable, according to the documents.

The documents went on to allege that one of the women went to use the bathroom on the bus but was followed by a band member who grabbed her arm and "spun her around to where she was facing the sink and mirror in the bathroom".

They then said the woman "saw in the mirror and out of the corner of her eye each of the band members taking turns raping her". She was then allegedly helped to dress by a member of the band and led off the bus.

The woman's friend also said she saw the men rape her friend, documents said. They say that after leaving the bus the woman called 911. At hospital, the woman was said to have upper arm bruises consistent with being restrained.

The officer who picked up the woman went back to find the bus but it had left, the documents said. The band members handed charges of first degree kidnapping were 31-year-old Michal Lysejko; 35-year-old Waclaw Kieltyka; 31-year-old Rafal Piotrowski; and 30-year-old Hubert Wiecek.

When interviewed by LA County Sheriffs, the band members gave differing answers. One said he did not recognise the women while the other three said the women had been on the bus, according to court documents. Kieltyka said he saw two band members engage in sex acts with the woman in the bathroom, another said he did not see what happened and the other gave no other comment.