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The word 'lesbian' was the most searched for term on PornHub last year. Getty Images

PornHub has revealed "lesbian" was the most popular search term entered by British visitors in 2015 while Kim Kardashian was one of the most searched-for individuals. The XXX-rated website has published eye-watering annual statistics showing it received 21.2 billion visits last year with the UK the second most porn-hungry nation behind the United States.

India, Canada and Germany make up the top-five, and the average time spent on the website shot up by four seconds to 9mins 20secs. The average time spent on the website by a UK user was 9mins 18secs – seventh overall and more than three minutes shorter than the Phillippines, at 12mins 45secs. Cubans, on the other hand, lasted just 5mins 11secs.

Just over a fifth (22%) of PornHub's UK viewers were women and the age group most likely to watch pornography were the 18-24s, which accounted for 32%. The over-65s made up just 5%. The most common actresses Brits looked for were Lisa Ann, Lebanese-born Mia Khalifa and reality TV queen Kim Kardashian.

The figures also show that Brits prefer the more discreet platform of a mobile phone to watch their porn than any other device. More than half (53%) used their smartphone to access PornHub compared to 29% who used their desktop and 18% their tablet.

Almost 88bn videos were watched overall last year – or, 12 videos per person on the planet – which translates to more than 4.3bn hours of pornography. "In 2015 alone, we streamed 75GB of data a second, which translates to enough porn to fill the storage in around 175 million 16GB iPhones," the website reported.

Visits tend to be between 10pm-12midnight and in terms of year-on-year growth, the term "giantess" – a larger-than-life woman getting intimate with very tiny men – led the way with an impressive 1091% gain.

For all the debauched search terms, 'love' remains the most commonly featured word in PornHub comments.