Pornhub's "Wankband"
This is the "Wankband" - a new wearable in development that creates 100% sustainable electricity from masturbation to charge devices Pornhub

Pornhub, the popular pornographic video sharing network, has announced that it is entering the wearable tech market with a wristband that harnesses kinetic energy from masturbation to charge devices.

The wristband, known not-so-tastefully as "Wankband", apparently creates electrical power when it is worn on the wrist and the hand and arm move in an up and down motion, which sends a weight up and down in a small inner valve within the band.

"It's well known how incredibly fast we run out of our natural resources, and what's worse – how much they pollute in order to create energy," Pornhub says in a video about the new wristband.

"All the time you spend connected, you are adding to their use."

The website is touting the new wristband as a way for men to "love the planet by loving themselves".

In fact, the "guilt-free" electricity produced is 100% sustainable and is apparently enough to charge smartphones, digital cameras, tablets and even laptop computers via a USB port on the band.

There is not information about how much the 'smartwatch' will cost when it is released and the product is currently still in development, but Pornhub devotees can sign up to become beta testers and will be able to receive certain rewards for their help.

While the product may never see the light of day as a real commercial product, the idea has generated a lot of interest and so far over 1.3 million people have watched the video on YouTube since 26 February.