Power season 2
Angela knows about Ghost's real identity Starz

This week's episode of Power season 2 might feature some big changes for Ghost, Tasha, Angela and the other key characters.

In last week's episode, Holly dropped a bomb on Angela by revealing the real identity of Ghost. After learning that she has been having an affair with a notorious narcotics trafficker, Angela pulls herself together and offers Holly a deal "that could change everything", states Christian Today.

So what lies ahead for Ghost? As much as Angela may be on to him, he's also on to her as it has been teased in the episode 6 preview video (below) where Ghost is seen telling his wife Tasha, "Angela is a US Attorney. I gotta figure out my next move."

Tasha isn't going to take the news of Angela's latest discovery lying down as the episode's official synopsis reveals that she plans to "protect her future by making the ultimate sacrifice". The synopsis also states that the drug syndicate will pick up a new member... Could that be Tasha?

Check out the promo for Power season 2, episode 6 titled Why Her below:

"After the revelation that Ghost and Jamie are the same man, Angela seeks proof; the drug syndicate picks up a new member; and Tasha protects her future by making the ultimate sacrifice," reads the episode synopsis.

Why Her airs this Saturday, 18 July on Starz.