Power returns with its fifth episode on 11 July, after taking a break for the Fourth of July weekend. Titled Who You Are And Who You Want To Be, the upcoming episode promises to really shake things up for all the key characters.

Episode 5's promo shows Holly being interrogated by the FBI. In last week's episode, Holly ignored Ghost's advice and went to see Tommy before leaving town. But as soon as she makes her way back to the apartment to say goodbye, the FBI takes her into custody. Will she rat on Ghost? Or will she remain loyal?

In another sneak peek video, Angela and Greg realise that they may not be able to pin down Tommy as a suspect for what happened to Nomar. A pretty solid alibi saves Tommy from being the suspect, much to Angela's annoyance. You can watch the videos below.

Meanwhile, the episode's official synopsis teases trouble on the work front for Ghost as he and Tommy "work to sell all of the product in time to pay Lobos, unaware that Holly is being questioned by the FBI." The synopsis also states that "...With every passing hour, Angela grows closer to the truth."

Last week's episode also showed the undercurrent of tension between the-recently-released-from-prison Kanan and Ghost and his family.

Ghost believes that Kanan is out to get them because he knows that they are the real reason behind him going to prison. When Kanan visits Tasha with gifts for her children, she greets him but keeps a loaded gun on her, just in case.

Power season 2, episode 5 airs on Saturday 11 July at 9pm ET on Starz.

You can click here or here to watch the episode live stream online.