Power season 3
After Kanan, Ghost has to deal with a new enemy, his once best friend Tommy. Starz

Power season 3 and premiere episode titled Call Me James will air on 17 July. The show producers have teased major deaths ahead of the season as the conflict between James St Patrick and Thomas Patrick "Tommy" Egan will escalate further.

The episode will air on Sunday at 9pm ET on Starz. You can click here or here to watch the episode live stream online.

"Part of the journey of the characters this season is about finding their relationship in a new place," show runner Courtney Kemp told TV Line. However, she teased that the best friends turned enemies will keep crossing paths of each other.

"Tommy is no longer under Ghost's sway in the way that he was. This is fraternal love. It's not romantic, but the idea that you love someone as your family, no matter what they do," she added.

She further teased major fatalities and intimate scenes in the series. "There is a lot of death this season. There is a lot of romance, a lot of sex this season. There are a lot of conversations about the meaning of love. I am always trying to get some cool philosophical stuff in there while blowing sā€“t up."

The official synopsis of the premiere episode reads: "Out of the drug game, James is ready to leave 'Ghost' behind. Angela must decide between love and honour. Tasha reels from the death of Shawn. Tommy is forced to make some bold moves."

The theme of season 3 is "be careful what you wish for", hence James' wish to leave his dual life as a drug lord and focus on his club and lead a love-filled life with Angela. But it seems his wishes are set to bring more troubles for him. Tommy ended his 25-year-old friendship with James in season 2 finale after he learned that Ghost played a huge part in ruining his relationship with Holly.

Kanan, played by 50 cents, remains missing after his fiery fight with James in the previous season, and it is speculated that he is alive and will return to settle scores with his nemesis.