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Selena Gomez watched in awe as her her fans sang the lyrics of her 2011 hit Who Says Getty

Selena Gomez had an emotional moment on stage while performing for her Revival Tour in Montreal. The 23-year-old singer was belting out her rendition of the 2011 hit Who Says when she broke down mid-song touched by the sweet gesture of her fans as they held up a sign reading "We Are Worth It".

The inspirational words referred to Gomez's song itself, which is all about believing in the self and pursuing one's dreams.

Even before the Hands To Myself songstress could finish off the chorus to the emotional song, she was moved to tears as she just let her fans take over.The crowd happily piped-in the lyrics as a visibly-touched Gomez watched them sing in awe.

Watch the video of Selena Gomez reacting to her fan's gesture here:

Dressed in a sheer blouse, the singer was sporting a messy braid and the brightest smile when she realised that her fans knew every word of the lyrics. She took the opportunity to thank her dutiful followers, who have been there for her through thick and thin.

"Thank you guys for spending your night with me… Whether you've been here from the beginning or now, it's just been such a crazy ride because you've seen me go through my ups and downs, and I couldn't be more grateful," Gomez said wiping her tears after the song.

Last few years have been tough for the Same Old Love hitmaker. Apart from dealing with an on-again off-again relationship with Sorry singer Justin Bieber, she also dealt with Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that required her to undergo chemotheraphy. She even went to rehab in 2014. Considering all the struggles Gomez has faced, she was naturally touched when the loyal fans supported her during the Montreal concert.