Nancy Gonzalez
Nancy Gonzalez, 29,(L) is accused of having a four-month affair with Wilson in 2012.

A New York City prison guard is facing up to 15 years in prison after allegedly having an affair with an inmate on Death Row and falling pregnant with his child.

Nancy Gonzalez has been charged with intentionally having sex with Ronell Wilson, who is awaiting a penalty-phase retrial after being found guilty of killing New York City police officers James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews during an undercover gun sting in 2003.

According to court documents, the 29-year-old guard is accused of having a four-month affair with Wilson, while working the night shift at the Metropolitan Detention Center in 2012. It is illegal for prison guards to engage in sexual relations with inmates.

Gonzalez is now eight months pregnant with Wilson's child, according to the New York Times.

In documents presented to the court, the corrections officer admitted to being vulnerable when she embarked on the affair.

"I took a chance because I was so vulnerable and wanted to be loved and now I am carrying his child," she reportedly said.

"I just basically got wrapped up in something that I should not have got wrapped up [in] ... getting myself up with someone that is so high profile that when he farts it makes the news," Gonzalez said about Wilson.

Making reference to her pregnancy she added: "I can't explain it. I know what's to come. I know what is going to be said about me. I know that for me as a parent, how am I going to explain this to this little boy? Mommy was in the military. Mommy was a C.O. [corrections officer.] Mommy got wrapped up in... so how do you explain that."

Wilson, who was found guilty of shooting undercover detectives Nemorin, 36, and Andrews, 34, in 2006 is one of New York's most notorious cop killers.

The former gang member shot the officers in the head at point-blank range in March 2003 after a police raid on illegal guns went awry.

In 2007, he was sentenced to death, making him the first federal defendant in New York to face capital punishment since 1954.

His lawyers appealed the judgement in 2010 claiming that Wilson is not eligible for the death penalty as he is mentally disabled. A decision is currently pending.