Thomas Beatie, the world's first pregnant man, made headlines again in February when he announced he was splitting from Nancy, his wife of nine years.

According to court documents, Beatie claimed that Nancy was a violent alcoholic, who physically and emotionally abused him and was a danger to their children.

Just weeks into their bitter divorce battle, film has emerged that could support his claims of domestic abuse.

In a video obtained by celebrity website TMZ, Nancy is seen attacking her husband, manhandling their daughter and smashing the family computer during a violent drunken rampage.

The three-minute video, captured by Beatie, starts with him entering their kids' playroom to find his wife unconscious on the floor.

Once she has been woken up, an agitated Nancy can be seen aggressively dragging their daughter into the kitchen.

Moments later she flies into a rage and attacks her husband with various household objects, including a laptop.

She can then be seen taking the laptop into the back garden, where she smashes it on the ground.

Despite pleas from her husband and their daughter to stop, she eventually tosses the laptop into the pool before storming back into the house.

The footage is expected to be filed as evidence in court as the couple battle over custody of their two children.

Nancy denies physically or emotionally abusing Beatie and instead claims that he was the abusive partner in their marriage.

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