Pretty Little Liars season 6
After the death of A, the liars are now being haunted by the Uber A Freeform

It is official for the liars — Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer — that Rosewood is destined to give them the worst memories of their lives in Pretty Little Liars season 6. The popular Freeform series is returning with another exciting episode titled Where Somebody Waits For Me. After the death of A, the liars are now being haunted by the Uber A, a faceless antagonist who vows to make their lives worse.

The upcoming episode will reveal more personal secrets of the liars as they continue to investigate Charlotte's death. As shown in the promo, Emily tells Alison about the murder weapon but Ali denies that Charlotte was murdered with a gulf club. Apart from solving their personal issues and investigating A's murder, the girls will try to track their latest stalker.

The official synopsis of episode 16 reads:

Pretty Little Liars season 6 episode 16 will air on 16 February on Freeform. Click here to watch the show live on Freeform (only in the US).

In the previous episode, Spencer and Aria sneaked into Sara Harvey's room at the Radley's and were shocked to discover a secret room behind the walls of her hotel room. Sara had somehow managed to tear the wall and find Charlotte's former room in the mental institution. This prompted fans to jump into the conclusion that the former Black Widow may have something to do with the killing of Charlotte.

During the midseason premiere, the girls returned to Rosewood after five long years to speak in favour of their tormentor A aka Charlotte but things took an ugly turn after she was murdered and they became the prime suspects in the case. If that wasn't enough, they also started receiving a series of anonymous messages on their phones threatening to "reveal their deep secrets".