Pretty Little Liars season 6
Charlotte's death will force the liars — Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria — to reveal their secrets one by one Freeform

Sara Harvey is back in the lives of Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily in Pretty Little Liars season 6 and her mysterious attitude is only making their lives worse in Rosewood. If Charlotte's murder and the growing suspense about who is behind it was not enough, the girls got the scare of their life in the previous episode after receiving a dubious message on the phone from a mysterious sender reading: "You know who did it and I'm going to make you talk."

The four girls returned to their hometown after five long years after Alison requested them to give testimony for Charlotte before the judge. But their good intention fired back when the former A got murdered.

In the upcoming episode, Aria and Emily will begin their investigation of Charlotte murder and try to find out Ezra's role in it. Spencer and Caleb, who have revealed their mutual feelings for each other, will try to find out the person behind the threatening phone message.

In the previous episode, Spencer and Hanna speculated Aria's intentions as the hotel CCTV footage showed that she was out the night when Charlotte was killed. Later, she explained that she went to meet Ezra but after seeing Charlotte going towards the church she freaked out and returned to the hotel. However, she admitted that Ezra was still there.

The official synopsis of episode 14, titled New Guys, New Lies, reads:

With the Rosewood P.D. breathing down Hanna's neck about The Radley security footage, she opts to confess the truth to those closest to her in hopes they can help. Aria continues to search for answers, with help from Emily, on whether Ezra is as guilty as he seems. Spencer works together with Caleb to track down the new threat.

Meanwhile, there is awkwardness all around when new love interests emerge and old ones resurface.

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In the previous episode, the liars confront Ezra about his role in the murder but he refused to talk about it and yelled at them. Also, Emily confessed about her regular visits to doctors and her pill intakes. She revealed that in order to earn extra money she was donating her eggs.

Pretty Little Liars season 6 airs every Tuesdays on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.