This year's Black Friday shopping might not be the same amid the pandemic, which is why consumers are looking for online-only alternatives. With almost all major tech brands already done with their respective hardware reveals ahead of the holidays, some people might want to shop now ahead of stock shortages and other problems. Those who regularly shop online through Amazon should know that this week is Prime Day, hence it is the best time to shop and enjoy great savings.

Gadgets from Amazon

As many consumers are well aware, Amazon does not only serve as an outlet for retailers to push their products. In fact, it also manufactures some of the most popular gadgets for tech-savvy buyers. After recently unveiling its latest hardware lineup for 2020, older models are likely discounted to make way for new inventory.

As such, The Verge lists several items that could potentially help people upgrade their residence with smart connectivity. Now would be a great time to have Alexa control various smart-compatible devices around the house. There's the Echo Show 5 with a Ring Video Doorbell 3 set for $150 or a three-pack bundle of mesh Wi-Fi routers from Eero at only $174.


Amazon's Echo smart speakers deliver great acoustics, yet buyers who are in the market for a great pair of headphones for music and gaming can find great discounts now. Microsoft's Surface Headphones 2 is available for $200, while Apple's AirPods with a wired charging case is down to its lowest at $115. Amazon is also selling its Echo buds for $80 only. While the aforementioned selection can be used for gaming, Razer is offering the Opus wireless gaming headphones with active noise cancelling (ANC) for $180.

Other products

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The selection that is currently on sale will surely have something that would meet the needs of Prime Day shoppers. Therefore, consumers can regularly check online to see whether what they are looking for is discounted or not. Others might hold off for now and preorder from Apple's latest catalogue of devices. The iPhone 12 series and HomePod Mini were recently Tuesday, following the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE.