Princess Charlene has been in South Africa since mid-May but her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco, is certain that she will be home by November at the latest.

The 63-year-old head of the Princely House of Grimaldi shared an update on his wife's health in an interview with French publication Point De Vue. He spoke about her final procedure in South Africa on Oct. 8 and said it was a success. The royal said "she is much better" and revealed that the last operation was for her nasal septum and that it "went very well."

Prince Albert then talked about Princess Charlene's return to Monaco. He said the family "will be able to consider her return very soon." He did not give an exact date for his wife's return home but is certain that she will be back sometime before Nov. 19, Friday, which is a national holiday for Monaco.

"And I can tell you that she will be in Monaco long before the national holiday. It is not possible for me to give you the exact date, but I promise you will know when the time comes," he said.

Prince Albert's update on his wife's health comes after she shared the heartbreaking news of her pet dog's death on Instagram. Sharing her picture with her "little Angel," the 42-year old said her dog died last night after she was "run over."

Princess Charlene shares her beloved dog has passed away after getting run over.

— Gert's Royals (@Gertsroyals) October 26, 2021

Princess Charlene also worried fans about her condition after she shared a photo that showed her looking a little frail. But fans have to take Prince Albert's word that she is doing very well after a series of operations.

The princess has been in her home country in South Africa because of an ENT infection. She was supposed to be there just for a couple of weeks to check on her foundation and spend time with her family. However, the infection has kept her from travelling. Since then, she has missed several public engagements with her husband as she recuperates. Her absence also prompted salacious rumours about an impending divorce or troubles in her marriage with Prince Albert. But the couple has since put these speculations to bed and assured that they are still very much together.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene at an environmental gala in Monaco in September last year. Photo: POOL / ERIC GAILLARD POOL / ERIC GAILLARD