The granddaughter of Princess Grace of Monaco spoke about her COVID-19 diagnosis and symptoms.

The daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi tested positive for COVID-19. But, now the 28-year-old said she's "starting to finally feel like myself" after three weeks of symptoms. Taking to her Instagram, she said that she was "grateful to be alive and healthy at this present moment."

On Friday, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, the granddaughter of Princess Grace of Monaco or American actress Grace Kelly thanked CTKVI for animating her.

"As we go into yet another summer weekend with #Covid frolicking about here is a friendly reminder to WEAR A MASK & Please take this #pandemic seriously! We have a responsibility to stop the spread of the virus and respect, give gratitude, and support the doctors and scientists working so hard to heal us & find a cure! Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything," she captioned animated video and pictures of her.

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I am so thankful that I am starting to finally feel like myself today after almost three weeks since I first felt Covid symptoms. I am grateful to be alive and healthy at this present moment. We take so much for granted including our health, our bodies our precious miraculous temples! I do in fact have Covid symptoms that continue to linger and pop up on and off again. Ex: headaches, ear aches, fatigue and diarrhea. I am just trying to do all I can to gain my strength back and build my immunity, patience is key but I am happily on the road to recovery. I’m here standing strong as one of the many survivors of this vicious mysterious virus but I am also an advocate. I want to be a reminder to each of you that this virus can affect you, a family member or someone you love. Please don’t be careless even if you personally seem to not have symptoms or think you have immunity. Think of the others beyond yourself that our helpless. We don’t have enough answers but a lot of cases continue to increase and even people have begun to relapse and contract the virus again. The immune response, including duration of immunity, to SARS-CoV-2 infection is not yet understood. There are still a lot of questions and unknown answers yet to reveal themselves. What I have learned is that even while being cautious you can get this virus that’s what’s scary. Everyone carries the virus differently and affects the immune system differently. So let’s please be patient and continue to be cautious. please continue to wear your mask, social distance, sanitize and quarantine ! I’m in the quarantine club and it’s cool 😎! Be safe! 💕💕💕 I’m counting on us conquering this pandemic together! Ps no filter just golden hour at home, loving nature’s natural remedies ☀️ 💤 🍊 💦 ! Thank you for all the love and well wishes you’ve sent! The biggest gift is to please take this Pandemic seriously!!!!!

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In her previous post, Grimaldi told that her symptoms continue to "linger and pop." "Ex: headaches, ear aches, fatigue and diarrhoea. I am just trying to do all I can to gain my strength back and build my immunity, patience is key but I am happily on the road to recovery." She urged her followers to follow public health guidelines.

This post by the daughter of the Monaco royal comes after a video revealing her COVID-19 diagnosis she posted on June 14 on Instagram. Grimaldi's diagnosis comes months after her father Albert tested positive for novel coronavirus in March. The Monegasque royal went into isolation, and recovered quickly from what he described as a mild case.

Prince Albert took his place in the Royal Box for the captivating match AFP / Getty Images

Grimaldi is the daughter of Albert and Tamara Jean Rotolo, with whom he had a very brief relationship.