Prince Albert of Monaco said Princess Charlene is doing better and should be returning home soon pending her doctors' approval.

Speaking to RMC Radio, the royal confirmed that his wife is still in South Africa but assured everyone that she "will be back very soon." He did not give an accurate timeline but said that he will have to "talk with the doctors in a few days."

Prince Albert also explained the delay in his wife's return home and said it was because of complications brought by her ENT infection. He said, "She is was also complicated for her because different problems affected her."

Princess Charlene also updated fans on her health in a recent Instagram photo she captioned with "God Bless" and a heart emoji. She looked skinny as she smiled at the camera sitting on a table with what appeared to be an open Bible before her.

New photo of Princess Charlene

— Queen Maxima and Royal Ladies (@vaninaswchindt) October 3, 2021

Princess Charlene has missed several public engagements with her husband because of her health. She has remained in her home country since mid-May as doctors addressed complications that arose from a previous ENT surgery.

A statement from the Monaco Palace revealed that she had to be rushed to the hospital on Sept. 1 after she collapsed due to "complications from the severe ear, nose, and throat infection she contracted in May."

In the same month, Prince Albert told People that Princess Charlene's return to Monaco "depends on what her doctors say." He estimated "late October" but sounded hopeful that she could come home sooner as he said, "But that was before this most recent round of appointments. I'm pretty sure we can cut that time frame a little short."

The princess' continued absence had sparked malicious rumours about a pending divorce, which had "appalled" Prince Albert. He said the speculations definitely affected the family and admitted that he should have addressed them sooner. He said Princess Charlene initially planned to stay for just ten days in South Africa to reassess her Foundation's work and take some time off with her family.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene at an environmental gala in Monaco in September last year. Photo: POOL / ERIC GAILLARD POOL / ERIC GAILLARD