Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie reportedly want their father, Prince Andrew, to accept that his royal life is over and that he should find a new life for himself.

The sisters are believed to be humiliated over their dad's attempts to become a working royal again after the shame he caused the monarchy over of his association with convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his sex abuse scandal. They reportedly want him to move on and accept that his public life as a working royal is over.

Closer Online cited a source who claimed that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie both "wish their dad would get it into his head that he needs to reinvent himself far, far away from the royal circle and stop hoping for a miracle that will never come."

The insider added, "Of course they still love him, and their mum Sarah continues to rally round and remind everyone why they need to go easy on Andrew for the sake of his health as well as family loyalty. But for the girls it's very upsetting and kind of humiliating."

The sisters want their father to "just let it go" and have allegedly also suggested that he "move somewhere remote" because "it makes their lives so much harder, even though he'll always be their dad."

However, Prince Andrew "won't hear of it." He reportedly plans to stick around even if King Charles III "has no interest or intention whatsoever" to bring him back into the fold as it would only be a "PR disaster for the royals and as far as almost everyone inside The Firm is concerned."

The source claimed "it infuriated Charles that Andrew brought so much stress and turmoil to his parents, too, at a time of their lives when they needed peace and serenity – not toxicity and, to top it off, having to bail him out financially when he paid off his accuser. Andrew can plead all he likes, there's absolutely no coming back."

Queen Elizabeth II stripped Prince Andrew of his patronages and royal titles in January 2022. She also banned him from public life in 2019.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew has strenuously denied assault claims and remains stripped of his honorary military titles DPA via AFP / SWEN PFÖRTNER